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Into Training Australia offers a comprehensive range of training and workforce services. We work closely with our clients to determine their requirements, structure, strategies, skill levels and we mutually establish our level of involvement to ensure their long and short term goals are realised.


Our flexible approach also allows us to offer either “off the shelf” or customised training during, or out of, normal working hours.  We understand that all enterprises are different and that it is not always feasible to let a number of staff attend training at the same time. 


We are working in partnership with a number of large organisations who see the advantage of developing their staff within a nationally recognised competency based assessment framework.  We make sure that their training delivery meets the accreditation guidelines. 


The following diagram represents our approach to our training partnerships. We work through each phase with the client to ensure we have a clear understanding of the organisation, the learning and development strategies, organisational and management requirements.

Each client is not the same, so within each phase there may be a higher or lesser degree of engagement and outputs.  To maximise our ability to deliver high levels of customer service; we also develop organisational and relationship models which incorporate the relevant roles and responsibilities. 


Gaining an understanding of an organisation’s training environment and its requirements is our first step in developing a training partnership and Training and Assessment Strategy (TAS).


To ensure the desired outcomes are achieved, we believe it’s essential to plan in advance what investigations need to be conducted and who should be consulted or engaged in developing the learning strategies. Consideration should be given at an early stage to the techniques, methods, approaches and timetables that will be used for gathering information and exploring the issues. The facts and ideas that are harvested in this consultation phase are analysed as part of the decision-making process and included in the Strategy as appropriate.


During the process of developing a TAS, a critical look is taken at the current policies and practices that are in place across the organisation’s business units. To be effective the strategy should be internally consistent and be mutually supporting of other strategies within the organisation.