Corporate Partnerships

Into Training Australia extensive experience in developing and delivering structured training programs that meet identified needs, have resulted in long standing business relationships.

We are recognised in the industy as being a leader in building and maintaining partnerships with our clients. By work closely with them to determine their requirements, structures, strategies and workforce skill levels, we mutually establish our level of involvement to ensure the client's long and short term goals are realised.



Our flexible approach also allows us to offer either “off the shelf” or customised training solutions during, or out of, normal working hours. We understand that all enterprises are different and that it is not always feasible to let a number of staff attend training at the same time.

We are working in partnership with a number of large organisations, who see the advantage of developing their employees within a nationally recognized, competency-based assessment framework.  We make sure that the training delivered meets the industry accreditation guidelines.

During the process of developing a Training & Assessment Strategy, a critical look is taken at the current policies and practices that are in place across the organisation’s Business Units. To be effective, the strategy should be internally consistent and be mutually supportive of the goals of the organisation.

The benefits of internal assessment include:

  • Flexibility in training times / dates
  • Delivery to smaller course size
  • Reduced costs
  • Understanding of Company Operations

Examples how these can work include:

1. The business needs an RTO partner for compliance reasons

This applies where a business is required by law to work with an RTO (heavy vehicle licence instructors in NSW) or the business has specialist skills and knowledge that it wishes to market as training to its client base under a third-party arrangement. For example, we work with experienced, qualified Hammelmann trainers providing accredited training in High Pressure Water Jet cleaning operations to clients who purchase equipment from this manufacturer. 

2. Joint delivery partnership

ITA and the partner work together in delivering quality training and assessment tasks to the employees of the Partner organisation. This option is more frequently used by companies that have a national presence, and available internal training staff.  It ensures that training is specific to their requirements and aims to make training delivery consistent throughout the organisation.

In this case, ITA works closely with the client to train their internal trainers, cooperatively develop resources and manage the organisation’s internal delivery of training to make sure the quality control is maintained within the RTO accreditation system.  An ITA representative is appointed as a client liaison representative to manage the relevant reporting and recordkeeping requirements and team tasks.

3. Training is completely outsourced to ITA

The ITA “full delivery” option is available to organisations that do not already have in-house training resources or staff.  ITA will provide all training materials, trainers and support services as required.  If ITA’s “off the shelf” training packages are not suitable, custom development is offered as an optional service. 

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