Pre-employment Pathway

ITA offer a range of pre-employment programs maximise a participant's effective and productive transition into the workplace. Working with with industry bodies and employers, ITA's pre-employment programs have been developed provide the employabilty skills,  knowledge and course content that relates to a specific qualification or skillset.

If an employer is seeking to recruit and pre-train potential employees or their organisation, ITA may be able to manage this task for them while simultaneously seeking funding options to meet program costs. Our pre-employment courses and pre-vocational programs are run on an as needs basis acording to employer and job seeker interest and demand.


Pre-employment / Pre-vocational Programs

Into Training Australia (ITA) can deliver client specific skill sets and on-the-job training that have been modified to reflect the core recruiting and employment values of an Employer. Potential employees are offered a snap shot of the compliance and induction requirements needed for full time employment though a formal training window. This exposure allows both parties to observe each other in a pre-vocational environment and confirm compatibility to increase likelihood of a successful employment outcome. This pathway effectively offers the client an extended job interview over a number of days, in a variety of situations, to confirm if the trainee is the right candidate as opposed to a short interview based on a resume. Essentially;

  • ITA engages employment agencies (called Job Active) to find unemployed Jobseekers that meet your current hiring pre-requisites.
  • ITA develops and delivers a training program covering your current induction and compliance requirements including an On the Job practical component utilising industry mentors and equipment.
  • Payment for training is paid for by either State Government or Jobs Active depending on the state and program.
  • ITA recommend most suitable candidates from the course.
  • There is no obligation to employ if no applicants are deemed suitable
  • This program is at no direct cost to the Employer.
What are the benefits of pre-employment entry pathways?
  • Actual and perceived community benefits of up-skilling Jobseekers and improving employability skills
  • Prolonged job interview to confirm suitable candidate
  • Develop additional pool of trained personnel for recruitment shortfalls
  • Induction training time and costs minimised as paid employee
  • Job ready applicants commencing employment with compliance needs met
  • Jobs Active fund all training costs associated for all personnel they supply
  • Increase likelihood of a successful employment outcome & reduced turnover
  • Additional funding may be available for long term unemployed, mature aged workers or young jobseekers aged 15-24 years.

For further information on how this program could be implemented at your workplace, including what financial benefits and subsidies are available, please contact ITA.

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