Traineeships & Other Funding

The Australian Government supports the training of new workers under the Australian Apprenticeship scheme. Non-trade apprenticeships are called Traineeships and depending upon the existing qualifications of new workers and the roles which have been approved on the National Skills list and State approved Funding Lists.

Into Training Australia (ITA) has been approved by the Governments of ACT, NSW, and QLD for funding support to deliver approved training programs. As an employer, you may be entitled to incentives for employing a trainee.

State funding information for your state can be found at the following websites:


Traineeships under the Australian Apprenticeship Program

Certificate III in Driving Operations

ITA can offer Certificate III in Driving Operations traineeships under the Australian Apprenticeship Program.

These Traineeships offer an employer benefits that include:

  • Issuance of a nationally recognised qualification on completion of training
  • Development of customised training programs that meet business needs
  • Partnerships with industry bodies to ensure that the training complies with current industry standard
  • Flexible delivery arrangements
  • Government employer incentives which are currently available to eligible employers of Australian trainees
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