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Operate a Drain Cleaning System - Skill Set (Generic) [MSMSS00019]

This Nationally recognised course is designed for persons who operate drain cleaning equipment. Participants will develop their knowledge to operate a drain cleaning system which may be used to clean, unblock or remove debris from a closed drain (pipe) or open channel drainage system. It includes the skills to operate drain cleaning equipment independently in safe manner and guide assistant operator/s within the drain cleaning team.


This course meets the requirements of the AS /NZS 4233 .1:2013 High pressure water jetting systems - Safe operation and maintenance and Section 6.8 Lancing, pipe and drain cleaning, or its authorised replacement and Safe Work Australia Guide for Managing Risks from High Pressure Water Jetting (December 2013), its State/Territory equivalent (where one exists) or the authorised replacement.

As stated within (AS/NZS 4233) - Safe operation and maintenance; 'Verification of competency or refresher training on high pressure water jetting operations shall be carried out and documented at appropriate intervals not exceeding two years to ensure the continued competency of operators'.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be issued with a nationally recognised Skill Set in: MSMSS00019 - Operate a Drain Cleaning System Skill Set
  • MSMWJ305 - Operate a drain cleaning system
  • MSMPER200 - Work in accordance with an issued permit
  • MSMWHS200 - Work safely
  • MSMWHS110 - Follow emergency response procedures
There are no entry requirements for this course.

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