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Operate a Hydro Excavation System - Skill Set (Generic) [MSMSS00021]

This Nationally recognised course covers the skills and knowledge required to operate a hydro excavation system.


Hydro excavation, which is sometimes referred to as vacuum excavation or Non-Destructive Digging (NDD) is the process of excavating the ground using high pressure water with an air vacuum that breaks up the soil and softens the ground, they suction the mud slurry into the tank of an excavation truck.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be issued with a Nationally recognised Skill Set in: MSMSS00021 - Operate a Hydro Excavation System Skill Set
  • MSMWJ307 - Operate a hydro excavation system
  • MSMPER200 - Work in accordance with an issued permit
  • MSMWHS200 - Work safely
  • MSMWHS110 - Follow emergency response procedures

There are no entry requirements for this course

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