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Chain of Responsibility Executive Brief [ITA Course - Non Accredited]

This course is designed for Board members, Business Owners, Managing Directors, CEO’s and Managers. The aim of Chain of Responsibility (CoR) is to make sure everyone in the supply chain understands their obligations and shares responsibility for ensuring breaches of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) do not occur.


This non accredited course provides participants with an understanding of CoR laws, if you are named as a party in the chain of responsibility and you exercise (or have the capability of exercising) control or influence over any transport task, you have a responsibility to ensure the HVNL is complied with.

Under the HVNL, you are generally classified as an Executive Officer if you are a director for, or a person concerned with the management of a corporation responsible for controlling or directing the use of a heavy vehicle, whether or not you are actually present for any of the transport tasks. Executive officers have an obligation to exercise ‘due diligence’ to ensure parties in the chain of responsibility comply with their requirements under the HVNL, including a comprehensive appraisal of business systems and activities to establish methodology or evaluate performance of safe transportation.

This course will assist in exercising due diligence & establish an overarching governance process that verifies the effectiveness of policies and procedures, including reporting and assurance. 

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